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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Product Review: See the Light

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Art is just one of those subjects that we rarely do. I had always envisioned myself coming up with creative art activities for my eager little homeschoolers to complete, but my lack of personal ability limits us in our pursuit of artistic skills. Having the opportunity to receive a free art curriculum from See the Light in exchange for a review on this blog was a perfect solution to our art dilemma.
I received the Tiffany Windows DVD art course. Intended for ages ten and older, this four-lesson course is designed to help students improve their art techniques as well as educate them about artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, original creator of the famous Tiffany Window technique. The course guides you through instruction with the goal of creating a beautiful flower picture that is similar in design to a Tiffany Window. Each lesson takes about 30 minutes to watch, and an average of 60 minutes to complete the projects for each lesson. I would say overall the course takes four to five hours to complete and should be spread out over the course of about a month. These estimates are all dependent on the ages of the students participating and their art skill level.
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I received the instructional DVD and was required to purchase the other materials on my own. The supply list for this project is very short, and many of the items are ones that most homeschoolers already have around the house: markers, pencils, permanent markers, and scrap paper. Other items such as poster board, artificial flowers, and a kneaded eraser were easily found at my local Walmart. We actually just used pink erasers, but I could see how if you were doing a lot of erasing then an eraser that didn't leave marks would have been nice to have.

We took the course with no prior art training. The instruction in the course is thorough enough that I feel no prior artistic knowledge is necessary. However, after a technique was presented it did take us a while to practice the technique to a point where we felt comfortable using it on our art work. Due to this each lesson took longer to complete than the guidelines for using the program suggested it would take.

Although the ages recommended were for ten and older, we completed the course with five students, seven and older. The younger children did not struggle to learn or duplicate the techniques presented, and they were able to create appealing work in the style presented. They were not as interested in working on their project, and this is perhaps the reason that they did not finish their picture during the course of the review.


I was very impressed with this instructional video. Although I think it made the video a little slow at times, I liked how it combined the history with the technique. It really made the kids aware of the style behind what they were learning. I thought that each lesson was the perfect length and really broke the project into manageable "chunks." Having a finished project for reference allowed the students to get a visual representation of what they were trying to achieve. The instructor was also very careful in explaining that differences in art is more appealing, so the students were not consumned with the thought that their project had to look like hers or each others.


I thought it was fun because we got to make a stained glass window in a way and we got to use materials that made interesting techniques in the paper that actually looked like a stained glass window.

It was fun because you got to draw flowers and make your own shading and it didn't have to be the exact flower you had. You also got to pick your own colors and it was fun to draw flowers.

I liked the drawing part, but that was really the only part I liked.

I liked this program because I like art.

I thought it was pretty fun that we got to learn to draw Tiffany Windows and learn about Tiffany Windows. I just wish the instructor didn't talk so fast on the video.

See the Light Tiffany Window is available from the See the Light website for $14.99. In addition to this instructional video, the company offers art instruction in many different areas including cartooning and watercolors, as well as other materials such as Bible stories, books, and music.

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