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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Idlewild 2013

Idlewild! Voted the best Kids Park in the World again this year! But obviously not the best family value. Ticket prices are now up to $39.00 a person so I told the kids to fuggedaboutit! But then Awesome Allison (I think I will trademark that name) appeared with a deal that would get us all in, sans Michael, for only $16.00. So my refusal to take them led to my further disdain for packing yet another freaking bag.
I was so excited because Malcolm is the perfect age to experience that kiddie rides in Raccoon Lagoon. Just thinking about his joy made me smile. And smile I did, but not at his joy. Because there was no joy. Only sheer terror at all but two activities: riding in the wagon as we walked through the park, and playing on the side of the ball pit.
So please enjoy Malcolm's account of the day.
Okay, this is kind of fun. Don't know why I'm strapped in though.

Oh my gosh! What's happening?!?! Is this thing moving?!?!?

If I hide my face and cover my ears then this ride won't really happen.

Finally, you've come to your senses. This is the only safe ride in this place!

This place is okay as none of my body touches those balls.

I don't care what the lady with the whistle says, throwing these balls is fun!
Of course the other kids were there as well and everyone had a complete blast.
Plane rides are more fun with your best friend.

So are ball pits.

Fast rides are fun no matter what.

And brothers make the best bumper car victims.

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