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Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Saw this and had to share:
Like a Boss.
Thanks Cari. It really hit the spot today.
Do you have anything like this in your house yet?
One of the kids suggested a reward might help to find the books. I totally agree and think instead of gaining something for finding the books it will be a reward of keeping things like lunch and clothing.
Kid thought #1:
I wouldn't want to be president. It would get boring sitting in an office all day using a quill pen to write on scrolls.
Kid thought #2:
Why do butterflies just fly around all day? Lazy butterflies!
Mike and I stayed up late watching the first episode of Season 3: The Walking Dead. I love that show. We had to pay to watch the episode and I wonder if anyone has any tricks to watching it for free.
Here's a cute kid photo.
We are currently looking for a couple of teachers for the homeschooling program that's starting in the Fall. Any suggestions on how to find said teachers to work for free is appreciated.
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1 comment:

Mary said...

#7- ask around your parish if there are any retirees with time.

I love kid thought #1