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Friday, June 28, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Stairs, Love, & Camping

Did I ever post about our new clubhouse stairs? They are completely awesome.
Michael recently told me the reasons he is glad he married me:
1. I make the best chocolate chip cookie bars
2. I'm pretty hot.
3. I gave him great kids.
We went camping this week for the first time in our (new to us) pop-up camper. I made new curtains and recovered the cushions and I think it looks awesome.


Don't let that sweet face fool you. Malcolm hates camping.
I am sure it had something to do with the 12-hour long thunder storm and the heavy rains that occurred for 75% of the time. It was like camping in Oregon only the beer selection wasn't as great.
The slackline was big hit!

I deem the camping trip a success even though I left early with the youngest campers. We had a wonderful time and were able to get in a 14 mile bike ride between rain storms. We got to try out the new camper and all fit in it comfortably.
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sculpting Class Day 2

I completely forgot to post photos of our sculpting class last week.
The lesson for the week was for a dolphin. They started by creating a base for the dolphin to stand on. Nails were used to support the dolphin and they finally got to use their tools!


The little one in the front that fell through it's nails was created by a four-year old!
Next we're going to paint them. What fun!
All of them turned out so great, I am really impressed!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's finally hot around here and we are all loving it!
Michael and I finally managed to get some work done on the garage and it looks awesome. It is so funny that we had to schedule "Clean the garage" on our calendar several weeks ago. At least it's done. Well, not completely, but at least I don't cringe when I enter the garage.
I love how much my boys love to cook. They totally get that from Michael. I encourage them as much as I can, and it usually pays off. Like on Friday when Isaac wanted to make a calzone for his lunch. I was already making dough and I just gave him a ball of it and let him at it.

Besides me giving him the dough and taking it in and out of the oven he made this completely on his own.
We set up the inflatable pools. They both have holes so every couple hours they would sag and water would run out. Someone would run around frantically looking for the air pump, which was always lost, in order to prevent some of the water from escaping. Then the neighbors set up their pool and ours was immediately abandoned and sadly sagged away.
Our deck gets incredible hot. So it was no surprise to me to come down to the kitchen and see this:
He is nothing if not resourceful.
Finally, there were late nights catching fireflies and hanging with our neighbors and friends. Always the best part of the summer. Oh! And let's not forget the Latrobe Pool.

And no, it's not all that hard to have kids this awesome.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Friday, June 21, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Saw this and had to share:
Like a Boss.
Thanks Cari. It really hit the spot today.
Do you have anything like this in your house yet?
One of the kids suggested a reward might help to find the books. I totally agree and think instead of gaining something for finding the books it will be a reward of keeping things like lunch and clothing.
Kid thought #1:
I wouldn't want to be president. It would get boring sitting in an office all day using a quill pen to write on scrolls.
Kid thought #2:
Why do butterflies just fly around all day? Lazy butterflies!
Mike and I stayed up late watching the first episode of Season 3: The Walking Dead. I love that show. We had to pay to watch the episode and I wonder if anyone has any tricks to watching it for free.
Here's a cute kid photo.
We are currently looking for a couple of teachers for the homeschooling program that's starting in the Fall. Any suggestions on how to find said teachers to work for free is appreciated.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Theme Thursday: Water

I'm joining the game a little late today, but better late than never! Today's Thursday theme is water.

Nothing is better than a boy and his squirt gun in the summer sun.
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Idlewild 2013

Idlewild! Voted the best Kids Park in the World again this year! But obviously not the best family value. Ticket prices are now up to $39.00 a person so I told the kids to fuggedaboutit! But then Awesome Allison (I think I will trademark that name) appeared with a deal that would get us all in, sans Michael, for only $16.00. So my refusal to take them led to my further disdain for packing yet another freaking bag.
I was so excited because Malcolm is the perfect age to experience that kiddie rides in Raccoon Lagoon. Just thinking about his joy made me smile. And smile I did, but not at his joy. Because there was no joy. Only sheer terror at all but two activities: riding in the wagon as we walked through the park, and playing on the side of the ball pit.
So please enjoy Malcolm's account of the day.
Okay, this is kind of fun. Don't know why I'm strapped in though.

Oh my gosh! What's happening?!?! Is this thing moving?!?!?

If I hide my face and cover my ears then this ride won't really happen.

Finally, you've come to your senses. This is the only safe ride in this place!

This place is okay as none of my body touches those balls.

I don't care what the lady with the whistle says, throwing these balls is fun!
Of course the other kids were there as well and everyone had a complete blast.
Plane rides are more fun with your best friend.

So are ball pits.

Fast rides are fun no matter what.

And brothers make the best bumper car victims.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

We have a tradition of hiking on Father's Day but with Michael's summer program starting we had to postpone the hike for another time. That and the fact that Malcolm spent Sunday morning throwing up. Kids are so amazing in that they can throw up constantly for a couple hours, then spend the rest of the day running around like a lunatic. 
This is less than an hour after getting sick, hence the lack of pants. But see that smile?!?! Kids are just awesome like that.
Besides our Sunday vomit adventure our weekend was spent trying to clean the garage. Not clean as much just get rid of torn up pool noodles and a couple of the fifty ride-on toys that keep reproducing in the night. We were fairly successful, although I imagine the toys will keep up their evil plot to overtake the garage and house.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013!

Happy Father's Day to the best husband I know!



Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sculpting Class

My neighbor and friend Allison and I are always really motivated at the beginning of the summer and we plan activities and clubs for the kids. Whether or not we follow through for the whole summer is really uncertain.
Last summer we decided to do a sculpting class with the kids. I had this great book that taught it, and we got almost all the supplies. Then we never did it. We decided to try again this summer and we had the first class last week.
It starts out really simple with having the kids sculpt a lemon and then an apple. The idea is to teach them technique on something easy to master. We have seven students in the class and four honorary students who are really just there to make a mess with the clay.
Since we had no expectations of how this was going to work out, we managed to get the class done fabulously! We made the kids follow two lessons and then we let them sculpt whatever they wanted. We would have done more lessons but we realized we needed wire in lesson 3 and so we have to wait. After we bake the creations they will paint them.

One of the official mess makers.