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Friday, May 24, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I wish I had some photos for this post, but this week was so crazy I didn't even pick up the camera!
The Open House for LMCA was a huge success and we got at least one family registered for the program! Woo-Whoo!
Next Open House is July 8, 5:30 to 7:30pm. Please help spread the word.
Michael is leaving on Saturday for eight days. I plan on keeping the kids alive while he is gone.
Isaac's Feast Day came and went, as did our anniversary. They were both over-shadowed by the Barn Raising and First Holy Communion Party. No one minded though, Isaac celebrated his Feast Day on another day and Michael gave me a rain check of an anniversary/ delayed Mother's Day gift of going to see the new Star Trek movie when he returns. I may even let him come with me!
Soccer is winding down which is both good and bad. We love to see our boys play soccer. I love how much they enjoy it. I love the friendships they've formed and the ones I've formed with the other soccer moms.
I will not miss the fact that we can't eat dinner together four nights a week as two of us had to wolf down food at 4:45 pm. Or the craziness that our Sundays have become as we manage church, CCD, and two soccer games.
Pathetic that I couldn't even come up with two more things. Go visit Jen at Conversion Diary to read about more interesting takes.

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