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Friday, May 17, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Adoption Update: Although we have been viewing profiles of birth mothers, we have not had our profile shown to any gals yet. With the exception of one birth mother, all the women have not known what they were having, or they were having boys. The one having a girl was due in less than a month. At the time that was just a little too soon for us. It seems to be a season for boys and for patience.
The Open House for Laurel Mountain Classical Academy is this Monday! If you are local please consider coming out to check out all we have done to get this going. The fact that you don't homeschool doesn't matter, nor does the fact that you aren't interested in enrolling you kids. We would just love the support and we are also afraid we are going to be standing around staring at each other all night. We are meeting at Victorious Life Church: 214 Frye Farm Road, Greensburg. Right by the Mountain View Inn.
Some people have wondered how we came to be at Victorious Life Church and what their involvement in our program is. Pastor Mike and his wife Wende are completely supportive of homeschooling and out of over 50 churches we approached, they were only one of three to consider letting us use their classroom space. Our program is not a religiously-based one, and we are not teaching religion. We are simply using their classroom space for a modest rent.
Tomorrow is our Barn Raising and we are doing our laundry room! I am completely excited. Here is the before photo:
Earlier this week Henry came down wearing the same shirt Malcolm was wearing. He ran up and put on similar shorts as well. Then Isaac appeared wearing the same outfit. James refused to get in the game as well, but the three boys were beyond cute.
Our school year is winding down, but we still have a couple weeks to go. And I think the boys will be doing writing and math beyond that. I can't decide really. I want them to finish their writing books, but I am wondering if any new material is covered in the math books from here to the end. A Beka is very review-heavy and it may just be review from here on out. We are all looking forward to a break over the summer from school. I don't know how year-around homeschoolers do it. I need a break as much as them!
Still haven't been able to do the Grand Canyon Post. Next week at the latest! I just need to get through this Open House.
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