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Friday, April 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I love how cute language is during the early childhood years! Margaret says "Good grief!" instead of "Good thing." She even intones it so that it sounds like she is going to exclaim about a negative event.
"Good grief we have such a big garage for all our bikes and toys."
"Good grief this castle next to my bed is big for my Barbies."
It always makes us smile and chuckle.
The academic homeschooling program we are trying to start has finally begun to move forward. After several months of searching we have been accepted at the most amazing location. It is a church right off Hwy 30 that has a whole school wing that we will be able to use.  Now time to update the website and get moving on other planning aspects.
Somebody got new glasses:
It's strange because he is about to turn eleven and everything about him suddenly seems older. I am already over the halfway point with him and now it seems not only that my time with him is limited, but what time we have left is going twice as fast.
We had our first weekend of double soccer games last weekend. We survived and even enjoyed it. I think as long as the weather is decent we can get through joyfully.
Hey, we got our new flights to come out west this summer. Our original flights got changed so we had to cancel them and rebook on a different airline. Still an overnight flight, but we'll survive.
Did you know we researched flights and then went back to book less than 24 hours later and the fares had gone up a hundred dollars a ticket?!?! I think there is something fishy with that. Like the airlines are tracking your searches or something. I should have run over to Allison's to see if the same fare was on her internet connection.
Congrats to Jen on the new baby! Makes me anxious for our little (adopted) bundle to arrive. No there's been no new news. Head over to Conversion Diary to ohh and ahh.  


Renee said...

I actually miss when all of my kids where in diapers, less activities to go to and we could just hang out. Now we really have to manage that nothing conflicts on the weekends.

At 11, my daughter doesn't take a sticker or toy at the doctor's office anymore.

jen said...

Fares are time sensitive. They also vary according to the seats, the time of day, etc. Dave Barry had a really good essay on this.