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Saturday, April 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Soccer has finally started after a week and a half delay from snow. No photos because it. is. too. darn. cold. up there to do anything but shiver and complain.
Yeah, yeah, I'm a day late with these, but my excuse is Michael being out of town has limited my sane moments of the day. So unless you were interested in reading my Quick Takes that had a lot of  %&*#*#  and  ##$&*%!! then it is better that I wait until a peaceful moment of calm. Even if it does mean my post posts a day late.
I am having a serious problem finding some sort of birth control for my laundry. It just keeps reproducing and nothing I do can stop it. It also doesn't respond well to any kind of family planning talks or statistics about the environment.
Awesome news! The remodel is DONE!!! Ta-da!

The drawers under the beds are HUGE!
Do you see the little hands?

That's all the Takes I got today. Good thing it's not Friday!
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Susan said...

That remodel is simply gorgeous! Love!

Alexandra said...

I love it soooo much! Thinking how I can steal the idea. I love built ins. xo