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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Remodeling the Boy's Room

After many months of anticipation the remodel of the boys room has finally begun! I will try to post progress photos, but I am trying to keep the kids out from underfoot of the workers and so I will probably only get end-of-day photos. For those who don't know, the boys occupy the top floor of the house, a finished attic that contains one large room, a bathroom, and a guest room. We are remodeling the large room to better accommodate all four boys.
Here are some before photos:
A bunk bed, a loft bed, four dressers, a dozen bins of toys, toys shelves, and bookcases. The room was filled to capacity.

We were able to get it all cleaned out in time. The echo in the room was amazing! This view is looking towards the front of the house.

This view is towards the back of the house. That door leads to the bathroom and guest room.

The boys are currently sleeping in the guest room. This is the total size of the room. Just big enough for three twin mattresses. Their dressers were moved into the guest bathroom or Margaret's room.

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