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Friday, March 29, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I didn't post the Day 2 of the remodel yesterday because of science co-op and touring facilities for LMCA. So here is the remodel at the end of Wednesday, which was Day 2:

The framing got put in.
And here it is at the end of Thursday, which was Day 3:

So it's not looking anything like what I thought it would, but that's fine because it is one thing to see it on a blueprint, but quite another to actually see it in your house. And several friends have had work done by this guy, and so I know in the end it'll be amazing.
I have been cleaning like a mad woman. We just have so much stuff, it is absolutely ridiculous. I have taken at least three car loads to the thrift store. I have come across some treasures, like this cute skirt I sewed and then stuck away in the closet. It fits Margie almost perfectly!
Check out this set up from Malcolm:
And just because the older kids are a little under represented on the blog lately:

Both are from science co-op yesterday.
Jen is taking the week off in honor of Good Friday, so these Quick Takes are hosted just by me!


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