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Friday, March 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Not that I was that much of a party animal, but still!
I realized recently that I have done my kids a big disservice by not requiring them to memorize their basic math facts. Like really know them, in the same way they know how to spell their names. I just figured that they were getting enough practice from their math curriculum, but I was wrong. Way wrong.
So we have started some good old fashioned drilling of those facts. And now I have won the award for "Worst Mother of the Year." But hey, they'll thank me later.
What clued me into the whole need to drill some facts is that it was taking my seven year old ten to fifteen seconds to tell me what seven minus six was. Seriously? And my nine year old could spend five minutes trying to figure out how many time eight went into seventy-two.
One of the most exhausting parts of internet for me are all the darn updates on the sites I use like Internet Explorer and Hotmail. Why can't they make a "Using Internet for Dummies" version and leave my outdated, easy-to-use internet alone?
Still working out details for Laurel Mountain Classical Academy. Important ones like finding a location.
I have yet to mention anything on this blog about the Pope and all that. And I am going to make a reference once. Argentina seems like a cool place. Okay. Check that one off my list.
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Unknown said...

I came to the same realization about math drills this year too! Seriously, 7 year old? You can't instantly tell me what 7+3 is?
We can be in the "Worst Mother of the Year" club together.

Kima said...

Ramona does something we call "rocket math" It is about 100 sums on a piece of paper. They are all repetitive...6 +3 ...3 +6...7-4...

Just a few different numbers all rearranged. She has 1 minute on the kitchen timer to do as many as she can.

She also puts down a goal of how many she is going to do and how many she gets right.

It is fun. She enjoys the challenge and them game part of it and doesn't really realize that she is doing similar problems over and over and over...