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Friday, March 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Malcolm is still on antibiotics, but is completely healed of whatever ailed him for the last several weeks. Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers.
Henry completed his Shurley English book this week! Yeah for him. He still has Growing with Grammar and Essentials in Writing to complete for 2nd grade.
Of course, having kids who are only a grade apart means that there is some jealousy that Henry is done with Shurley and one child in third grade is not. Ahh, the disadvantages of being the older sibling.
We made brains out of play-doh in science this week.
We also had our monthly science co-op, and I took photos on my blogger app, but I don't think it has loaded the post yet.
We bought our tickets to go out west this summer. Seven tickets, four flights, one an overnight flight. Only one word can describe this. And it's not appropriate for my blog.
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