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Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes: Adoption Edition

Lots of folks have asked about our adoption process. We are currently in the "waiting stage." We have contracted with Caring Adoptions in Texas and everything is in on our end. So now we wait.
Why did we choose Caring Adoptions? Well, we originally contracted with International Family Services (IFS) for an international adoption. After struggling to find our footing there for a few years, we realized that our family size and financial situation has closed many doors for us in the world of international adoption. Pennsylvania and Texas have an interstate compact agreement for domestic adoption and IFS recommended Caring Adoptions and could "hold our hand" through this process. So we signed up. And now we wait.
The process is both extremely exciting and terribly nerve-wracking. After a birth mother has contracted with the agency we are able to view a profile of the woman that may contain details of the baby such as race and sex. We can decide if we would like the gal to view our profile, which is a detailed album about our family. If she likes what she sees, then she will select our family. So we wait for a birth mother to like us enough to gift us with her precious baby.
A factor that is not working in our favor is that fact that we desperately want to adopt a girl. I would love for Margaret to have a sister. It seems like only half of the gals know what they are having, and of that half, only half are having girls. So we may wait longer than a family who just wants a healthy baby.
My wait, however, is not that bad. I have five beautiful children already, the youngest is not yet two. I am kept very busy with homeschooling and keeping house, and sometimes our adoption is just a little twinge in my heart. I can only imagine how hard it would be to wait if adoption was my only way to grow my family. I am not strong enough for that.
So do I sometimes feel that I may be taking away a baby from someone who can't have any? The thought has crossed my mind, but I do not think it is a real issue. As far as I can tell, there are many available babies. Some gals want their baby to be the one shining star in the family, some gals came from large families and want that for their baby as well. There seems to be an infinite number of adoption circumstances and my family will play into them one way or another.
So why are we still waiting? Well, although it seems like forever because of our little stink with international adoption, we really haven't been contracted for domestic adoption that long. Barely two months with this agency. And like many of my biological children, this adoption is not going to happen when I think it's a good time. We are going to get the perfect girl on God's timing, not ours.
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