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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Workbox of the Week!

We're back! After a brief break from Workbox of the Week I am glad to say that we are trying to resume our normal weekly blogging routines.
Margaret is really coming a long in her Pre-K/ K learning year. She knows all her letters and letter sounds. She is beginning to sound out simple words and can create simple words I say with letter tiles. One area that she is currently struggling with is writing.
She has several letter-writing workbooks and letter practice items including tactile shapes and letter-dot stampers. One item I recently got out of the storage cabinet was our See n Write letter machine:
Educational Insights See n' Write
I really like this thing and it is perfect for the workboxes because Margie can complete her letter writing practice completely on her own. It has a little screen that looks like a sheet of paper and writes the letters on it for your student to follow. It is a little noisy, but has volume adjustment and a port for headphones.

It's definitely an investment. I think I saw it over on amazon for around $25. I got it on the Educational Insights Facebook Page as a deal of the day.
Activity: See N Write Letter machine
Materials Needed: letter machine, paper, pencil
Level: Preschool and up
Cost: around $25
Fun Factor: 5 out of 5 for my girl
Work for the Teacher: None

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