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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Try a New Recipe Tuesday~ February 26

I am linking up over at Home with 4 Kiddos to share new recipes on Tuesdays. It's a great way to add some variety to our dinners during the long winter months!
We've been making wings a lot lately because they're easy and the kids like them. This week I am sharing another simple baked wing recipe.
In one bowl, beat three eggs. In another bowl, pour two cups flour. Heat three tablespoons of oil or lard in a frying pan.
Dip each wing in egg, drench in flour and fry until brown on all sides in the oil or lard. Place browned pieces in a 11x13 casserole dish. Add more oil depending on how much chicken you are frying.
Mix together 1 cup white sugar, 4 Tbs soy sauce, 4 Tbs water, and 1 Tsp vinegar. Pour over chicken in casserole dish. Bake one hour at 375.
Now I like to run my chicken under the broiler before serving. If you want to do this transfer to a cookie sheet and set the broiler on high. Return chicken to the over for no more than three minutes.
Remember that cooking times may vary. Always check the temperature of your chicken before serving.
Have a recipe to share? Come and join the fun at Home to 4 Kiddos!

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