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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The calm before the storm

Weekends around here are relatively quiet right now. 

 Taking time to paint. 

 Reading on the heat register to keep warm. 

Creating an magnificent Lego creation.
 Filling a bottomless hole. 

No doubt he just colored on the wall with sharpies or ripped the binding off another hardback book.
 Meals are actually planned and cooked instead of scavenged for. 

The reason our weekend life is so slow right now? There is no soccer. Indoor soccer has ended and we have a good six weeks until spring travel soccer begins. Don't misunderstand me, I love soccer. And I love that my bigger boys love to play soccer. But I also love this. I love that the kids have some time without schedules and obligations. That Mike and I can reconnect with them and with each other without the stress of a pressing departure or exchange of small children. 

There is something to be said of the excitement of the middle of a youth soccer season. The hustle and bustle of practices, finding water bottles, and muddy soccer cleats. The roar of the parents when an impossible shot sails into the goal. 

But these days, these quiet days that drag on. When two o'clock feels like dinner time. When there is time to just watch the toddler toddle around or dress naked Barbie dolls with a chatty almost-five-year-old or actually hear why the older boys liked a certain Star Wars book. These are the days that let us catch our breath and stretch our legs. These are the days that we remember when we are ready for soccer to be over.

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