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Friday, February 22, 2013

7 Quick Takes

I have started a blog for Laurel Mountain Classical Academy, the homeschooling support program I am helping to start with three friends. I would love it if you could click over and tell me what you think:
Michael had a video made to promote his summer program. You should really check it out, even if the only reason is to see how well he rocks a beard.
Okay, so Malcolm is still super sick. In fact he is on his third antibiotic in seven days. I am totally not one of those antibiotic moms and so you can probably guess that I. AM. FREAKING. THE. HECK. OUT. This being Friday morning while your reading this and since I wrote this post earlier maybe I will have a positive and happy update to report.
Even though there are five kids running this house, the fact the baby is sick has turned things upsidedown. I find myself saying things like, "Well, if Malcolm is better than..."
I can almost hear the criticism over antibiotic use from all you naysayers. Well, I hope your precious babies never have blue lips from coughing so hard. Yes, his lips were blue and he could not get a big enough breath to cough. This was Wednesday so hopefully there is much improvement by the time you read this. Yeah for antibiotics to give my baby the ability to breathe!
Our piano teacher quit without warning yesterday. Please keep her in your prayers as she has some major things going on in her life right now.
We had a meeting last night with the board of a local church about using the place for LMCA. Keep your fingers crossed for us on this one. It would be a good fit for us!
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priest's wife said...

antibiotics are amazing! I think the backlash is that there are some people who use them for every little thing...I'm always happy when we make it through a sickness without them- but when they are needed- bring it on!

Susan said...

Oh, I hope Malcolm is feeling better, praying for his's so scary when little ones have trouble breathing. I would hope that even anti-antibiotics people would recognize that they have their place and are sometimes necessary. People have suffered lifelong ill-effects or have even died for lack of antibiotics. Few things in life are all or nothing. Praying that the doctors have found just the right one for Malcolm and that he is breathing easier already.