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Friday, February 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

The Homeschool Science Fair made the paper!

It's such a great event, I am glad it is getting some local recognition.


It's a good thing that I am not in charge of the judging for the event because most of the winners were children of my friends. None of my kids won, and all the winners were well-deserved. But I would say that 95% of the winners were children of my friends.


We have our first real illness here. Margaret has bronchitis and pink eye, Malcolm has a sinus infection and pink eye. Both are on antibiotics. Blah.


We have some friends coming this weekend that we haven't seen since our honeymoon in France. They are from from, but living in Washington D.C. They have three little girls, which of course will just make Margaret' day.


No word yet on a location for LMCA. We have several hopeful leads, but we have had leads before that turned into nothing.


Not that we are completely desolate. We have had two locations say yes, but they are in the opposite direction of where we want to be and we are not sure the program can survive in that town. It is just that much further for everyone to drive.


A special shout out to a very important lady whom we love very much on her birthday!

Happy Birthday! We wish we were there to share pizza with you today!

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Colleen said...

Have fun with your friends, and I hope your kids feel better!