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Friday, February 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes


Michael is moving into modern times little-by-little. No, he didn't join Facebook or get a smart phone. He now writes for a blog! Welcome him to the world of the 21st century by clicking the link to his blog. Even if you aren't interested in Faith or Reason or summer programs, just give a click or two to show him you support his efforts to leave the stone age


My girl turns five on Sunday. She was born on Superbowl Sunday, and she turns five on Superbowl Sunday.


Michael was talking with Margaret and said, "Hey Margaret. Do you know of any special days coming up that I should know about."

Margaret: "Yes I do. Thanksgiving!" 


The Saint Vincent Step -Up classes start again today. I have three kids each taking at least one class. Although I still have to chase Manic Malcolm around, I am looking forward to the structure Step-Up brings to our week. 

New computer= new photo software=total frustration=fewer photos on the blog.

 Don't let the cuteness deceive you. He is a complete terror. 


Did you take the time to click on Mike's blog? Just once for me: Faith and Reason Institute.

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