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Friday, January 25, 2013

Science From the Inside

It's been cold here this week. A perfect time for the kids to explore their outside surroundings from the inside. We live in town, so nature study usually doesn't include wild animal, unless you count the numerous feral cats in our neighborhood.

Nature study at our house means that the kids do a nature drawing. I have found that for my boys, this is the most effective way for them to recognize the world around them. It also helps them to identify changes. I require only that they draw out the same window each time they do it. They are not required to draw the same items. They are required to include something that is not man-made in their creation. We were trying for once a month, but it is more like once a season that we actually complete this activity.

I allow the boys to choose when they complete their drawing. I don't want them to feel rushed because they want to play or something. I encourage them to take their time, but I don't require them to draw for a certain amount of time. This is completely their project, and they choose how to experience it.

Even Little Man tries to get in on the action.

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chickensbunniesandhomeschool said...

What a good idea!!!

Bethany said...

We've done nature study from the window too! I'm following you here and on FB too from the crew!

Unknown said...

We do a lot from inside looking out too!!