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Friday, January 25, 2013

7 Quick Takes


Still not sure why blogger won't let me upload photos from IE 9. I have to use Firefox to load photos onto my blog. Any suggestions on this?


We had a fun day yesterday! Science co-op followed by a planning meeting that meant my kids had friends over for almost 12 hours! A few of those hours the kids were all sent to another house for dinner so the moms could make some progress on gal talk planning for next year. 


My kids love the Kindle Fire. What kid wouldn't? As you can probably guess, they have pretty strict limitations to when they can play on it. To solve this problem, Margaret has started creating Kindle Fires for everyone in the house.

 She's making my Kindle Fire.

Here's the game on mine. Notice the direction controls? 


It's cold here this week. Is it where you are? It hasn't gotten above 20 degrees in about five days. 


My kids are suffering the most from this cold. Not only does it limit their outside playtime, but their hands are all cracked and bleeding. I won't show pictures of it, but I will accept suggestions. Lotions don't help, we already have humidifiers and the tea kettle going almost all day. What else can be done?


I mentioned science co-op. We were covering the circulatory system. Look what we got to explore:

A cow's heart! Great stuff!


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jen said...

#1: My theory is that IE is a bad browser that only exists to download better browsers.

#5: Aveeno with/without Menthol. That stuff got me through -20F winters in Minnesota and Montana. Have them apply them after hand washing and at bedtime.

Anabelle Hazard said...

LOL on the homemade Kindle Fires. We have homemade i-pads and Macbooks over here. Saves you a ton of money, doesn't it?