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Friday, January 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes


The gal who hosts this link-up is still really sick, and will be for some time. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. 

As many know, I have a day away from my children each week. The strangest things occur while I am away. For example, these swords used to be the same length:

Interesting. What the heck happens around here when I am gone?


Our packs Pinewood Derby is this weekend. Here are three of the best kid designed and created cars ever:

We have a tank, the Batmobile, and a Ninja car. 


My boys love the Pinewood Derby, but I am always secretly hoping they will lose. The winners have to go out to the Mall for a whole day and race their cars there. Only Hell itself would be a worse way for me to spend a Saturday.  


I have been turning down people right and left trying to lighten our load this winter and spring. I am cutting some activities and forcing the kids to make difficult choices about how we spend our time. 


It's not just that we are too busy, it's that we aren't busy in the right kind of ways. In the areas I need support, we don't have any. I need to find a balance that doesn't include filling our days with commitments that stress me out and take away from our family happiness.


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