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Friday, January 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes

As most folks know, the gal that hosts this link up was recently in the hospital with some pretty serious heath concerns. Please keep Jen Fulwiler in your thoughts and prayers.
I received the surprise of my life when my brother Garth showed up at our annual New Years Eve party! Garth is one of those rare birds who doesn't like his mug plastered all over the internet, so you will have to use your imagination to picture us during his visit. We hadn't seen him in over two years, but we fell quickly into our familiar routine of laughing and drinking. More laughing than drinking this time, but hey, we're all getting old around here. He didn't stay near long enough, but promised he would try to come more often.
It is about time to start schooling the shorter members of the family again, and I am starting to freak. the. heck. out. I always get like this after a long break. It has more to do with the amount of holiday chaos than with the actual schooling material. My solution: purge the clutter! Hey, it does a lot for one's mood. Try it.
We got a new computer this week. I love our new computer, but I hate getting used to the newest. Funny thing was that last Sunday I was complaining to Garth about having to set up the computer. Garth is a computer guy and I was whining about how nice it would be if he was here to set it up for us. Viola! Garth arrived the night before we picked up the computer. Whine and ye shall receive. Or should that be wine?
Henry's birthday was awesome. I decied that there would be no birthday parties this year. The reason being that it seemed like a good thing to say at a moment of completely freaking out. So we went into PIttsburgh for lunch and rode the incline. Michael cooked Henry's favorite dinner and we had some neighbors over. Very low key and nice after the holiday madness. As soon as I figure out how to get my camera software on my new computer I will post some photos.
What does your computer desk look like right now? I am curious, leave a comment telling me. Mine has hoemschooling books, no less than 100 drawings from the kids in a big pile, and several one and five dollar bills strewn about. Don't ask, because I don't have a clue.
Not sure how to end it this week. Do I tell you what a delight Malcolm has become, talk about our basement finally getting fixed (no mroe sewer smell for us!), try to post a photo of the awesome k'nex rollar coaster Isaac got for his birthday, mention the snowy weather, or something else?


Unknown said...

My computer desk looks like the library barfed itself all over the place. Also, there seems to be a pirate chest, no less than 4 ping pong balls (we don't even own a ping pong table), so many bills, and my broken Miraculous Medal.

So, in other words, totally organized.

(in the process of writing this comment, the 2 year old took the ping pong balls and put them all in the dog's water bowl)

Unknown said...

I totally get ya on #3. I'm so not ready for Monday! UGH! Is your brother Garth Brooks? If so, post his pic, even if he doesn't like it ;) LOL!