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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

J is for Juggling

Blogging Through the Alphabet
I am blogging my way through the alphabet (well, part of it at least), over at Ben and Me. Come on over and join the fun! 
J is for juggling. No, I am not blogging about the kind with three or more items. I am talking about being able to fit everything into your busy schedule.
Five kids, four homeschooled, many activities. It can get hard to juggle so many different schedules. I honestly don't know how I do it, but I do have a few tricks that help me manage.
We have a large family calendar that events go on. We have personal calendars as well for reminders, but the item or event must be on the family calendar to get recognition. I buy mine from Flylady because I like the double page spread and the 3.5 inch tall days. I need that space because our days fill up fast.
In addition to a event calendar, we have a meal calendar. This makes things go much more smoothly in many areas: mealtimes, grocery shopping, managing daily time better. We don't always follow it well, but when we do there is a noticeable difference in the stress level in our home.
Finally and the most important item is an trick I learned from a veteran homeschooling mom: Learn to say no. Really, you can't do everything and remain happy, so why try? Learn to pick the events and activities that bring you closer as a family and foster your relationship with each other. If an activity always causes you to scream at your kids and leaves everyone overly tired and in tears, why are you participating in it? No good memories will come of experiences like that.
I am always looking for ways to better manage the craziness that is our life. I'd love to hear about how you manage yours.

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Stefanie said...

Saying no is my favorite! lol