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Friday, November 30, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Oh the dollhouse. I was hoping for more progress this week than I got. I am beginning to stress out about it a bit. She will get it for 12th night, but between now and then I have lots of normal Christmas stuff going on and won't be able to work on it for the whole time. I sure hope it's completed enough to gift to her. Here are a few photos:
Middle Right Room Before
Bottom Middle Before
Bottom Middle After

Bottom Right Before
Bottom Right After

(and yes, I did spill blue paint on this real-wood dollhouse floor. Because I am just awesome like that)
Bottom Left Before
Bottom Left After

Drawn on side before
Drawn on Side after

Not great, I know, but better. 28 year old crayon and marker is really, really difficult to get off. And yes, I own and tried all those helpful solutions you are currently thinking of.
I completed a huge milestone for myself this week. I ran two miles without stopping! My speed was 12 minutes a mile. Those of you who are runners are smirking right now, but I must remind you that the first time I ran a mile without stopping IN MY WHOLE LIFE was a mere three months ago. So this is a huge breakthrough for me. To say that I am not athletic is a huge understatement, but I am blessed with a patient exercise partner. Michael and I run in the evenings and I think it has saved our marriage (you know what I mean). And for all you shape watchers out there (hello Mom), no I have not lost any weight. In fact, I have gained some. But muscle weighs more than fat, am I right?
So I have started following through more with Malcolm in hopes it'll improve his horrific behavior. And you know what? After only a week we are already seeing improvements. At first when he would disobey I would tell him he had to go to his bed and he would go there. Now I just have to ask him if he needs to go to his bed and he'll shake his head and the behavior will correct itself. Usually.
So I'm thinking all high of myself because I feel like we are making real progress with him instead of just getting by and waiting for his to "grow out of it." And then one of my favorite bloggers posted about their personal struggle with a strong-willed child a little older than Malcolm. How perfect is that timing! Read the post over at Testosterhome.
I have been following the story of little Tripp Halstead who was injured when a tree branch fell on his head at daycare in Atlanta. Having lived there for five years I remember all too well the destruction of those falling limbs. His parents are just so much stronger  than I could ever be. There are so many fundraisers right now down there to help the mom be able to stay by his side through the long recovery. The accident happened October 29, and so far this precious boy has opened his eyes, cried a lot, raised one arm, and I think pressed a button once or twice. It may not seem like much, but it's a lot considering this boy was not expected to live. Here is a photo:
You love him right? Who doesn't love this little boy? Head over to Facebook to follow their journey to recovery and find out if you are able to help this precious family.
Tomorrow we begin our Advent calendars. There was so much crying and fighting and whatnot over the chocolate ones last year (yes they each had their own but that didn't help), that I said they wouldn't get one this year. And I followed through. Only Malcolm gets a chocolate calendar. The other kids get Lego or Playmobil Advent calendars. Yeah, I really let them know who's boss around here.
It's like the Quick Takes that never ends! Head over to Conversion Diary to read more.


Katherine T. Lauer said...

Great progress on the dollhouse.

AMAZING that you are running. I think I might be able to jog one block right now (well, right now if I weren't 6 months pregnant). Two miles is huge, just huge. How do you get to run in the evening, who watches the kids?

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Great post by that mom about follow-through. I totally see what she means about how little kid behavior starts to seem so insignificant when one is dealing with older children, but then the foundation for obedience isn't laid.

Modest Mama said...

We put the younger two to bed, and the middle two are in their beds reding. James, at age 10.5, holds down the fort and we take acell phone. We run the neighborhood and are never more than 1/2 mile from home. Plus, you have to know our neighbors are eight feet from our house and know we are gone. Living like this does have advantages. As does having older children.