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Friday, November 16, 2012

7 Quick Takes

There is no update on the dollhouse progress this week because there hasn't been any progress. I am trying to beat a terrible cold that seems to be going around. Not only does it make my voice sound like a frog's croak, but every unnecessary movement is exhausting. On top of that I was waiting for more paint to arrive.
Malcolm has a new favorite hang-out spot:

What kind of side dishes does your family enjoy on Thanksgiving? No one in this house likes the side dishes that I grew up with and love, and I am just curious about what people are eating with their turkey and stuffing. I am not a picky eater and enjoy all food on Thanksgiving, but sometimes I do miss the green bean casserole my Mama makes.
They are draining the lake we hang out at during the summer and hike around during the rest of the year. As a result there are all sorts of "goodies" for the kids to collect. See that concrete block on the right of the photo. That is one of the swimming barriers in the deep end of the swimming section. Neat! The kids collected all sort of gross things that will probably sit on my porch for most of winter until I throw them out.
When do folks decorate in your area? For some reason folks around here think that since Halloween is over we should get all set up for Christmas. I'm not complaining about all of it because I adore Christmas lights. But it is the other things like the giant blow-up gizmo's that I detest. Or the plastic lawn garbage that folks put out. My theory is that either people are really upset about the election and they are decorating to bring some cheer to their lives, or they are really happy about the election and they are celebrating by decking the halls.
Speaking of Christmas, I would really like to give handmade gifts this year and since I can't make everything I am looking for ideas of inexpensive handmade items that I can purchase. And by inexpensive I mean at the most $20 and it would be great if they were really under $10. Okay, I need them to be in the ten and under catagory. And by purchase I mean things that I can get on etsy.
So I have three different things that you can leave a comment about in these Quick Takes. Are you going to comment? If not... YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!!!
I know only one person in the entire world will fully get that besides me, and I'm okay with that.
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Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

I'll comment! I generally have running commentary in my head while I read, so let's see how much of that makes sense written down . . .

Ugh, sorry you have a cold. We're dealing with that here too. I'm seriously hoping that everyone will be healthy for Thanksgiving.

Ah, Malcolm is cute! My Catherine keeps hanging out on top of toy boxes and tables--they would make good buddies.

Growing up our side dishes were mashed potatoes, jellied cranberries, stuffing, corn, and rolls. We weren't very adventurous. My husband's family had some other sides including stuffed shells, but they also have vegetarians and food allergies. I think this year the "kids" are making dinner so there might be some additions.

The picture of the kids in the drained lake is pretty cool. Not too often that you can get that perspective.

We live in an apartment, so there aren't too many decorations around. Although I'm sure that some people in the neighborhoods have already started. I'm pretty strict about waiting until after Thanksgiving. Might be the weekend after, but its still after!

I have an Etsy shop! I have a pile of stuff that I need to add to it... I love making but listing isn't nearly as much fun. I also might be willing to give you a discount code! ;-)

Ok, so I probably completely bored you with my comment... Of course, I was writing this comment instead of my Quick Takes, so I should do that and leave you in peace!

Kathleen Basi said...

Rachel's opening made me laugh, because that's what I do too. :) Let me start at the top:

1. We've had the blahs around here, too, if it makes you feel any better. It's been a month and I still am not completely clear of the cough that kept me from singing for weeks.

3. We are celebrating by ourselves this year, which means control over the menu. Since I've been doing a gestational diabetes diet I've become appalled at the all-starch menu we eat every Thanksgiving. Sweet potatoes AND mashed potatoes? Two vegetables? I mean, there's "feast" and then there's "gluttony." We're going to do green beans (not the creamy casserole) and sweet potatoes and leave it at that. Wait, I forgot stuffing. Can't do without stuffing. :)

4. AWESOME. Except maybe you can throw it all back into the lake. But I want to know why they're draining it?

5. I can only echo those blow-up tacky things. Ugh!

6. Does anyone sell the jars with the mixes in them? Brownie, bean soup, etc.?

Heidiblossom said...

Sorry I am just catching up on your blog. Dude, I love the green bean casserole. I grew up with it and to me it MEANS holiday meal. And it's SOOOOOO easy to make. Literally open up the cans, mix it around and bake. I say you make it anyway and put some on your kids plate every year until they figure it out. That's what I do. And dude, tell them if they don't at least TRY the green bean casserole THEY ARE OUTTA HERE!!!!! Love you.