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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Workbox of the Week

The first workbox of the day is always the same for Margaret: her All About Reading Work.
All About Reading is a comprehensive phonics, reading, and handwriting curriculum. Margaret is currently working through Pre-Level 1. This level mainly focuses on letter identification, basic letter formation and sound, and rhyming words.

I have found that this program worked perfectly in the workboxes once Margaret got into the general routine of the program. I review the lesson for the day the night before and prepare the materials she will need. I place the craft sheet and the reader in her box. If there are additional materials for the day, such as rhyming or letter cards, I put those in box two or three.

She's doing a great job with the program and I definitely think that we got our money's worth. It is not a cheap program, but it is a complete program without gaps or gimmicks. She is moving through the Pre-1 Level fairly quickly and I imagine she will be moving into AAR 1 shortly after Christmas. I reviewed All About Reading 1 for the Schoolhouse Review Crew earlier this year. You can read that review by clicking here.
Activity: All About Reading curriculum
Materials Needed: Pre-packaged curriculum from All About Learning
Level: Pre-k and up
Cost: Pre-Level 1 starts at $79.99 and Level 1 is about $129.00
Fun factor: 5 out of 5 for Margie
Work for Teacher: A fair amount of work is needed to prepare, but then teaching it from the workboxes is pretty minimal

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