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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Trick or Treating 2012

Trick or Treating is a huge deal around here. Notice I didn't say 'Halloween' because Halloween has little to do with Trick or Treating in our area. Our city chooses the Trick or Treating day and time. Thousands of people decend on our town, literally. Because of the different day, many townships that border our own stop over to Trick or Treat and then will do the same in their own town on October 31.
We always have a great time. The kids are always saints so that their costumes can do double time at the All Saints Day Festival.
The wig was off as soon as the photos were done.

Always something maimed and gory.

Our little lion. See James' photo to get the saint connection.

A very handsome King David.

Double that for King St. Louis.

Our traditional photo with the neighbors.

A photo along the way.

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