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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Workbox Wrap-Up #3

Margaret still loves her workboxes. I just can't get over what a help this system has been to our homeschooling day! This week the workboxes had items for the letters A to D, art, and basic math.
Finger painting.

Ballerina and Bear finger puppets.

Stringing homemade beads that she painted. I got this idea over at Ben & Me.

I printed up these really neat alphabet cards from Making Learning Fun. They are designed to be used with the pattern blocks. There are both capital and lower-case.

She dressed her magnetic dolls in dresses.

This workbox was my favorite this week. I got a bunch of photos for free from Shutterfly and I ordered two of each and laminated them. I put about ten different photos in the workbox and let her find their match. It is a great way for her to see photos of family who live far away, which for us is everyone. She also really enjoyed seeing how much her and the Brothers have changed over the years.

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