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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Workbox of the Week

Margaret knows how to identify most of her letters, and she is working hard on letter-picture recognition. This Workbox of the Week shows some of her work regarding letter-picture recognition.
This is a very easy activity to set-up, but it does require a little bit of cost. I divided a piece of paper into sections and wrote a letter at the top if each section. I then cut apart Lakeshore's Alphabet Picture Stickers and Margaret placed them in the right sections. A more cost-effective way to complete the activity would be for you to find pictures and letters in magazines and have your child glue them onto the sections. This of course would require more planning and time.

A word about the stickers. I bought the pack of these stickers when James was in Kindergarten and have used them in this way with all of the kids. I still have plenty of stickers left. They are designed for classroom use and contain over 3,000 in the package. Definitely worth the initial cost.
Workbox of the Week
Activity: Letter-Picture Recognition
Materials Needed: Paper, marker, Alphabet Stickers or pictures from magazines
Level: Preschool and up
Cost: Little or none with magazines or $20.00 for the stickers.
Fun Factor: 3.5 out of 5 for my girl
Work for teacher: Minimal

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