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Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Oh Fall! How I do love thee.

Rainy cold nights spent with my best friends.
My walking group is still going strong. We are doing one-month stretches. I hope everyone continues and more gals join. It is so motivating to know that while you're sitting around someone else could be getting some steps in. Here's my highest day so far:
My daughter (even after four years I still love the way that sounds) has an amazing fashion sense that she gets completely from her mother.
We had our first science co-op meeting yesterday. It went really well. We kept it small this year, only three families, so that we could see if it was going to work out well and was it worth the time and cost, etc. I thought it went really great and I hope to get more interested families involved for next year.
Isaac with his cell.
Some ideas we had about the science co-op were getting a wider age-range and splitting the group up by age. There are many things that you can do with a kindergartener that a sixth grader would find dull, and vice-versa.
I'd be open to suggestions if anyone has every been involved with a science co-op and has some good ideas. I find science more difficult than other subject areas because it is so hands-on and requires a lot of prep.
An activity demonstrating bone strength.
Workboxes are still awesome for Margaret. Not sure where she's at in compared to her like-aged peers, but I honestly don't really care. She's four and she loves school. That's what mattes.
Do you enjoy my Quick Takes? Please leave a message to let me know. Sometimes I wonder who reads these. Not that I wouldn't write them if no one was reading. I like to have these for the blog book I print up each year.
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Stacy said...

#6 She looks SO grown up in that picture!!!!

Bridget said...

Hi Jessica,
I enjoy reading your quick takes!

Bridget :)

jen said...

Ummm... I'm a fan of your Quick Takes.

Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

I read, and appreciate, your quick takes! :-)

Katherine T. Lauer said...

I like your Quick Takes very much. I bought some plastic bins for work boxes two weeks ago, but have yet to set some up. Mary would love them.