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Friday, September 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Do you ever cruise Craigslist for furniture? If you do, then maybe you have experienced where you open up a link to what you are looking for, say a small sofa in your area, and when the picture pops up you do a double take and ask yourself "What the heck? Who buys that?!?!" Maybe like us, such people were "gifted" with said furniture and are now trying to make a buck off your lack of good taste.
It's that time of year again to join The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. So if you are a homeschooling blogger and want to receive tons of free curriculum stuff to review on your blog, send me an email and I will get you the application info. I've been on it for three years and hope to get selected again. Of course if I don't get selected and you do, then we can't be friends anymore. No pressure. Just saying.
I almost skipped Quick Takes this week, but then I saw that Cari completed hers hours before I even woke up and it motivated me to write at least three.
James is completing his math and this is what he just told me:
"Hey! I only have one problem today!" [scribble scribble scribble]
"Oh. I got it wrong. What is that? Like an F-minus?"
Gotta love Life of Fred Math.
Michael is taking James to a Boy Scout camping thing this weekend which means that I will home without my two biggest helpers. Which means I will leave the house only to go next door for Dominos pizza on Saturday night.

My other neighbor, not the pizza eating one, saw this facebook picture and wrote an awesome blog post on accepting other mothers as is. She's a real sweetie and you should check out her post. Click here to read it.


Katherine T. Lauer said...

I am heartened to read your #5 because that means even with all your parenting experience you struggle to leave the house with the three younger ones. It's really hard for me to go here and there, hauling my three littles, especially since I lost my babysitter. I used to schedule all my errands and chores during her hours here, but no more! Anyway, thanks for helping me know I'm not alone.

Modest Mama said...


You are definitely not alone! And you were sooooo lucky to have a babysitter to be able to do errands. That sounds like a dream.