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Friday, September 7, 2012

7 Quick Takes

I was doing my darlin' daughter's hair when she kissed my hand. "I love you mama." she told me.
"I love you too. God gave me a real gift when He gave you to me," I replied.
"And God gave me a gift too!" She exclaimed.
"Oh yeah? What did God give to you?"
"That lego beauty parlor set. It's big and it's pink!"
Hey. It's hard to compete with Lego Friends. They're pretty awesome.
It's popcorn time again and I would like to invite you to order anything from any of my three scouts. Some people are offering wonderful incentives to order popcorn from their scouts, but all I can offer is the promise that I will think of you in a positive way while I am filling out the order form with your name. Good Karma has never been shown to harm anyone, so you have nothing to lose (except twenty or thirty bucks)
Speaking of Scouts, we have the cutest factor on extreme around here as Margaret prepares for her first year of Girl Scouts. Yes, you read that right. Margaret is a Daisy this year. I am the assistant leader for her troop, because I had loads of extra time on my hands and decided to fill it with extra kid-centered activities.
Are your boys obsessed with bombs and blowing things up? Because mine are, and I am hoping your are too. Everything revolves around blowing something up... and sports. Sometimes the two are together like, "What if there was a bomb in the soccer ball and when it went into the goal it exploded and so no more goals against your team could be made." Sometimes they are of a milder version: "Do you think there's a little bomb in the spray bottle that goes off when you push it down and the cleaner comes out?"
Looking for anyone who can give me the skinny on and how to get the best deal.
Soccer is a fav around here.
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Unknown said...

Hahahahahaha on no.2!
Joaquin's pack did so miserably on their sales last year that my neighbor's boy earned 80% of the total. I can't let that happen again. Donaldsons rule!!!