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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Trip

This past week we were able to get away with some friends to a beautiful lake in Northern PA. We stayed in these fantastic cabins that were lake-front, clean, and totally affordable. The fact that they a dishwasher made them even more marvelous to us.

Morning kayaking with the boys.

James is looking down from a sleeping loft as Henry tries to get up the ladder.

One afternoon we drove north to Lake Erie to play on the beach.

Our whole crew.

Using the paddleboat.

Relaxing with a movie at the end of a busy day.

Out on the lake with a rental boat.

Jumping off the top of the boat.

At a minor league baseball game.

Feeding the ducks some cereal.

A final group photo before heading home

We arrived home and had a carpet picnic to end the trip!


Kristy said...

I live in PA and I was wondering where these cabins are. It looks like a great place to take my family on vacation.

LambMama said...

Hey, I recognize the place in those pictures - I live there!! Glad you enjoyed some fun in my neck of the woods! We really enjoy our beach and it looks like you did, too! I don't recognize your cabin but they look amazing!