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Friday, August 31, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Siding. It's a noisy procedure.
Yes, back in the day our house was apparently an orange-pink color. Extremely good choice from a previous owner.
Soccer is in full swing for us now. I love that the weather is great and the place we play is gorgeous. A month from now I may not be feeling this positive about it.
It's Margaret's first season playing soccer. And yes, I signed her up because she wanted to play (25%) and I wanted to fill up on my cuteness factor for the year (75%).
Just try and tell me that this isn't totally cute and worth $60.
She told me when she came over for water, "I'm going to win!"
We officially started school this week. Kind of a rough start, but I think it might get better as we get more into it. Having the never-ending pounding and hammering and drilling and sawing didn't help us very much. But regardless of all these minor inconveniences, sixth grade is a whole new ballgame and I feel like we are entering uncharted waters.
Although it doesn't currently look this nice due to old siding and wood and tools and ladders, this is what Michael finished in the backyard last weekend. Looks pretty awesome to me. I'll have to post some before and after shots so you can really appreciated the beauty of our closet-sized yard.
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Katherine T. Lauer said...

I think the back yard looks fantastic.

Unknown said...

Ug. Ditto on 6th grade. And I haven't even ordered BOOKS yet.
Can't wait to see the finished house.