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Friday, August 24, 2012

7 Quick Takes

I am trying to make some changes to my blog. So please be patient if you come to visit and it looks like something has thrown up on your computer screen. I am not a computer person, but I am determined to improve this blog!
Yesterday we had our annual Back-to-School lunch. It looked a little like this:
And a little like this:
Have the kiddies started back to school yet for you? Mine start back on Monday. I am so excited that I am all giddy and stuff.
Another important event for Monday is that our house is scheduled to get a face lift as we are getting new siding. I am not all that excited because the colors in are price range were SUPER boring. But it will definitely move the house out of the 'ghetto' look and more into the 'weird religious homeschoolers' look and that is what we have been going for all along.
I thought we were going down to four days a week of soccer because I was thinking that some of the practices would overlap. But the boy's team was switched to another day and long story short: we are still at five days a week of soccer. We did get our Friday nights back; at least until winter season. So our soccer schedule is: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. And we now have four kids in soccer. I love things that almost everyone can do!
Soccer starts Monday for James, but I haven't heard from his coach yet and now I am a little worried that maybe I didn't fill out the forms for him or something. That would be just like me, and would also totally suck.
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Stacy said...

#5 LOL!!! What color are you going with?

#6 I'm tired just reading that schedule :).

Unknown said...

"Out of the ghetto look and into the weird religious homeschoolers look that we've been going for all along".
Best quick takes line all week.

Dwija {House Unseen} said...

What the what with all those things starting on Labor day? School and soccer both? That's cray cray!

And I agree with Cari. Finally! A color of paint that markets homes to the right demographic! ;)

Sarah said...

"Weird religious homeschoolers look." I love it. You need to show pics of which color you go with! (You know... for my file folder of inspiration for creating the perfect religious homeschooler look ;))

jen said...

#1: it looks fine.

#6: i'm with cari -- best line ever!

Stefanie said...

Must be the week for slacker soccer coaches. Our practice starts this week and we haven't heard a word from the coach either. Not so much as a name. And whomever it is didn't show up to the clinic yesterday either.

Erika said...

I agree - I loved the weird religious homeschoolers line! ;) I was dreading 2 kids and 4 days of soccer this year. How do you do it???

Miranda Hupp said...

I enjoyed reading through your blog. We are starting school on Monday too. I can't wait. Back to routine.:)

Jennifer said...

LOL! What exactly does weird religious homeschooler look like?