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Friday, August 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes


We had such a fantastic little trip this week with friends to a lake in northern PA. There was swimming, boating, beaching, baseball, eating, and drinking to our hearts content. The best part of the trip (besides the company) was that it didn't break the bank!


In the meantime, here is a little glimpse of our trip:


So many people are starting back to school, but I am still in full-on vacation mode. Since when does "August" not mean "summer"?


I have to admit that sometimes I think that I am failing as a parent. If I was doing my job accurately, then why do my children still come to me and ask where they should put a dirty band-aid? Just today we were picnicing at the park and I was standing next to the trash can. Henry comes over and asks me what he should do with a piece of trash in his hand.


Malcolm is finally beginning to have some words! He says "nigh-night" for his special blankets, and "nana" for a banana. Sometimes he says "nana" for "mama" as well. Sometimes he says "mama" but it quickly turns into "nana." One the drive home from up north, we got him to say "pa-pa" a few times. He was our earliest walker, but our latest talker.

Oh yeah. He's totally holding out on us.


One night on our trip, the boys stayed up until 1am with their friends. That's a new record for them, although they swear they were up later on New Year's Eve. Malcolm and Margaret also had a late night that night, but they were asleep by 11:30.


A last photo to end the Quick Takes.

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

What a fun trip! Interesting coincidence, Margaret is also my latest talker. She doesn't have many words.

Re: the trash, hey, at least your children aren't throwing trash on the ground. It's actually occurring to them that the trash should go somewhere!

Thomas Fuller said...

#3 August it SO summer.