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Friday, July 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes


We started back to school this week. We are starting back slowly and so we only completed three days and the kids only did math, history, music, geography, and Latin. There was all the stuff you would expect when you have to complete school work in the middle of the summer: tears, whining, and sulking. I just wish they understood how starting early would benefit us later on.


ADOPTION UPDATE: Our FBI clearances were supposed to take four to six weeks and we got them back in less than two weeks. Yeah for us!


I never posted a photo of Margaret on the rock climbing wall at the Science Museum.

She's so completely awesome it takes my breath away.


Speaking of completely awesome, Margaret jumped off the diving board when we were at the pool on Sunday. It scared Michael and I to death because a) she was not allowed to wear floaties or anything to help her resurface and b) we were not allowed to catch her. She did great by the way, but it was so unsettling for us that we didn't let her do it again.


It has been go, go, go here this week. Friends visiting, swimming lessons, dinner with friends, Latin classes, and of course trying to fit in time to read the greatest book ever written: Gone with the Wind. I read it every summer.


Since I mentioned it last week, our visit with friends went very well.


Our Work Party is this Saturday. Please pray the weather holds as this year the project is an outdoor one!

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Stefanie said...

Hooray on the first week of school and the clearance coming through quickly!

Unknown said...

what a great week back to school! and I LOVE your new header!

Unknown said...

Hey! You changed your header! I like it! What a beautiful brood!

I can just imagine the trauma of the diving board - for you - but the thrill for your daughter! I would have felt the same way. She sure seems like an adventurous one! ;-)