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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Product Review: Story Builder By Mobile Education

Mobile Education Store is a company committed to producing quality educational apps for elementary-aged children. Originally designed for children with autism, these apps can be used with any child working on language fundamentals.

I was recently selected to review Story Builder on my iPhone. Story Builder uses audio clips and colorful illustrations to encourage paragraph formation. There are three levels of play in which the student records in their own voice a story using the illustration and story-prompts. The picture stays the same for the entire story, but the prompts will change allowing your child to expand on their ideas. For example, on Level 1, your child will see a picture, hear a question, and be given a detailed prompt to start each sentence.

Level 1

On Level 2, your child is also prompted with a statement about the picture, but the sentence to start the stories are smaller.

Level 2
 For Level 3, there will be no written prompts or sentence starters. You child will be told to "Tell about the picture. Be sure to use complete sentences." At the end of each story, you will be giving the opportunity to hear the complete story and email to story to someone.

Level 3
I must sheepishly admit that I was not excited being chosen for this review. I did not think that an educational program on my small iPhone would be helpful or enjoyable. Boy was I wrong! This app is a blast! It doesn't matter that the iPhone is so small, we encountered no issues with size on my phone. The boys were fighting over whose turn it was and we probably emailed a dozen stories to our email address. It does require Apple Quick Time to play the stories, but it was an easy and free download to get it.

Although we generally don't use computer or apps during our homeschooling day, we still found this app offered a great supplement to our already existing language arts curriculum. It was used while waiting at the doctor's office, while waiting for a siblings soccer practice to end, and even as a way to keep busy while mom finished helping another child with schoolwork.


I liked it because it was funny and you could say funny things that the man was doing.

I thought it was fun because you got to make your own story with a picture.

I thought it was fun because you have to answer questions or you can make up sentences.

Story Builder is available for $7.99 at the iTunes App Store. Did I mention that it was given the award for Best Reading App by the Huffington Post for 2011? A much deserved award in my opinion.

In addition to Story Builder, Mobile Education Store offers many other educational and fun apps for children. Rainbow Sentences Preposition Builder, and Speech Journal are just a few of the language tools they offer for learning.

Other member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew got to use Story Builder and Rainbow Sentences. Head over the the Schoolhouse Blog to read about their experiences with Mobile Education Store products.

Disclaimers: As a member of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, I received the Story Builder App in exchange for an honest review on this blog. All opinions are my own and I received no other compensation.

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