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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Barn-Raising of 2012

We belong to a group that takes turns working at each other's house during the summer. How it works is that the men will gather in the morning and work on some home improvement project during the day. Around 6pm the families will come for a potluck dinner. We have been in this group since 2008 (could this really be right!?!?), and this past weekend was our first gathering for the summer. We call them "Barn Raisings," although we have yet to actually raise a barn.

Malcolm really enjoyed the farm kittens.

Does this look dangerous? Well, it was.

In fact, I mentioned how I was afraid they would fall off, and my friend who owns the shed said she was much more worried that the roof would cave in.

One of the three projects of the day was building a greenhouse. The other projects were putting in raised garden beds and chopping wood.

We ended the evening with a bonfire.

She caught a lightening-bug, which she immediately smashed on accident.

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

That is such an amazing group! How great!