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Friday, June 1, 2012

7 Quick Takes


Although we have been finished with school for a while now, today is the last day of public school and so I feel that summer can officially begin now! I guess that's how it is when all the neighbor kids are in public school.




Yesterday was Michael's birthday. He can officially now round up his age to forty! Woo-whoo!


My mama sent Margaret the most darling little outfit.

Oh she is soooo cute!


So, as soon as I get the portfolio done, the kids registered to homeschool next year, and the school room cleaned up, I am going to start my summer reading. Mostly I am going to be reading the hundreds of free books I have on my Kindle. Lately it's been World War II historical fiction. What are you reading this summer?


My friend Susan over at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds has written a very good post about a rare condition that one of her children has. I won't even try to spell it out, but if you are interested, it is definitely worth the read.


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Stacy said...

Happy summer!!!

I love the boys romping around in the picture of Margaret lol!

I'm reading lots of Jodi Picoult this summer.

jen said...

i'm reading fluffy carolyn hart murder mysteries. :)