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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Trip to Saint Louis: Day 3

Our final day in Saint Louis started at the botanical garden. We spent half the day there and only saw half of the garden!

Malcolm enjoyed hanging out in the stroller as long as his special blanket was nearby. Never mind that it was a gazillion degrees in the tropical plant room.

They had a super neat children's area that we got into because of Mema and Pepaw's membership.

The afternoon was spent at the Art Museum. Another awesome freebie!

This is the statue that we studied last year in co-op! It was really exciting for the kids to see it in person.

The grounds around the museum are beautiful and perfect for enjoying the day.

It was the perfect last day in St. Louis!


Katherine said...

How neat it must have been to see the real statue!

Susan said...

Yeah, you guys look great. ;0)