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Friday, May 25, 2012

7 Quick Takes


The Society Security Administration released it's list of popular baby names for 2011. Does anyone care about this but me? Probably not, but I am always fascinated about names. Most popular for a boy is Jacob, for a girl is Sophia.


Since I had a baby in 2011 I had to look up his name to see where we stand. Malcolm ranks 499 for the most popular names. I am pretty pleased (see number three). 


Growing up, there were four Jessica's in my first grade class. I was called Jessica Rebecca, to help differentiate. I didn't really mind, and by second grade they had spread out the Jessica's to where there were only two of us in each class. I didn't have a single elementary school year with less than two Jessica's in my class. It's funny that now I know very few adult Jessica's. Where'd they all go?

In fact, I looked it up and it was the fourth most popular name in the USA the year I was born. Now it is number 120.


So of course this makes me curious about my other kids.

When James was born, his name was at 18. Now it's at 17

When Isaac was born his name was at 48, now it's at 35

When Henry was born his name was at 95, now it's at 57

When Margaret was born her name was at 177, now it's at 187

I bet this is making you curious and you are going to go check for some names. I'd love to hear the name and ranking in a comment. I checked for some of my friends and their kids and couldn't get any numbers higher than about 550. I checked my Grandma's name and it didn't make the top 1000. Hmmm.


In every large family there comes a time when you can no longer have multiple children share a dresser. Each child must have his own. I have been dreading this moment because of the practical aspect of "Where are all these dressers going to go?" I recently had to choose between having a dresser in which it was physically impossible to shut the drawers, resulting in clothes all over the floor, and finding the space to fit more. I did some rearranging, cruised a couple of yard sales, and voila!

The bigger boys now have their dressers in their room on the third floor.


Doing this has of course caused a mess that has taken me the last five days to clean up. And of course the clean kids laundry can no longer be dumped into one room.


The best part of this new arrangement is the realization that both shorts and pants can fit together in a drawer. Long sleeve and short sleeve shirts can also be together. Before, each child only got two drawers, which meant the "big clothes switch" happened frequently. This new arrangement means I have to deal less with this

This, in case you were wondering, is a closet filled with 24 plastic totes. All filled with kids clothes. TWENTY FOUR. And shoes and snow boots and whatever else I can manage to squeeze inside there. I am just shutting the door and walking out of here.

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Stacy said...

You don't even know how much the Soc Sec list has frustrated us lol! We have talked baby names for forever and have had to cross of SO MANY because they have ended up in the top 10, and lots in the top 5. It seems like we begin liking a name, and next thing you know something ridiculous like Twilight makes it popular and we don't want to use it anymore. I want my kids to be like yours- normal names, but not everyone and their brother will be named that!

Anonymous said...

How fun! "Andrea" was 869 when I was born, and I believe it! I know only one other Andrea. "Mark" (my son) was 153 when he was born in 2009. Neat!

Lisa said...

Ok, Tristan was 113 for his year, Noah was 15 for his, and Lauren was 58 for hers. For Noah, we had no idea it was so popular. He was 4 weeks early and we chose it without the aid of the internet, or we may have gone in another direction.

Colleen said...

I'm assuming our Eamon didn't make the list! But the rest are most assuredly popular - John-Paul, Andrew, Margaret and Alexander.

Oh how I dread sorting the kids clothes and changing sizes and seasons. Worst.chore.ever!!

Heidiblossom said...

Haven was highest at 567, but mostly is in the 600-700s!! I love having a dresser for each kid... if only I had a closet for each one!