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Friday, May 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes

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We had a marvelous trip to Saint Louis! Everything was perfect except for the car ride there and home. A certain someone decided that crying and shrieking was a way better soundtrack than say, The Allman Brothers. A some point you think the crying just has to stop. I mean, can a child really cry and shriek for TEN HOURS. The answer is.. yes. Yes. they. can.


Does anyone own the amazing toys called Playmobil? For me it should be called Hell-mobil. Yes, it looks wonderful and perfect in the colorful boxes with all the realistic pieces. But the kids never want to just leave it in the boxes to admire. It must be removed from the colorful and perfect box and the bazillion pieces are spread throughout my house and mixed with the thousands and billions of pieces from other Hell-mobil sets. Then about half the pieces end up in a ginormous plastic tote. The other half are found in the anywhere else that I consider off limits for toy pieces. It is truly the bane of my housekeeping existence. How does everyone else deal with these toys?!?!


I was going to include a photo or two from St. Louis, but when I went to download them there were 160 photo! So that will have to come in a separate post.


Our homeschooling year is coming to an end. We are all ready for a break. I am throwing around the idea of doing stuff this summer. I always have good intentions for the summer, but then we end up going to the park, lake, or pool instead.


Seriously, though, I am always really impressed with people who school year-around. How do you do it? I need the break as much as the kids do, so we need to have some time off.


I know it's supposed to be Seven Quick Takes, but sometimes my life just isn't that interesting! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Lisa said...

You know, I used to agree about Playmobil. It's a really great toy, but I was so sick of picking up all the pieces all the time. And then my kids moved on to Lego.