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Friday, May 11, 2012

7 Quick Takes


It's been one of those weeks where nothing gets done and I feel like my head is spinning from everything that is going on.


I am writing a review for these amazing science videos. They are so fun to watch. Well, the company is tracking the hits they get from my blog. I guess it is their policy. So when you see the review for Go Science, read the post and click on the links. Help out my blog a little. If you don't want to wait for the review, then just click this link here:


We're heading out pretty soon for a little mini-trip to Saint Louis. I know there is a ton to do there. Have you taken your family? What sorts of things would you say are the most worth it? Remember... five kids, ten and under here.


For me, the mere definition of Quick Takes includes a super cute photo of my youngest boy.


And a couple of my youngest girl

Dancing, of course.


Okay here is a semi-crude kid story. Consider yourself warned. If you don't like reading crude kid stories then head to number 7.

Some mean virus is making it's way through our neighborhood resulting in messy bathroom time for most of the kids. It hit my family last week, and my friend's son experienced a bit of it this week. He is still in diapers and was having a rough go of it. My friend could tell he was uncomfortable and asked him if he wanted to try sitting on the potty. While he was straining and squatting he told her, "I want you to get me a new butt."


We have less than ten days of school. Then we can officially be done until July. They will still work to finish their math books, but the stress of juggling school and soccer and play dates and sunshine will be less. I commend those of you that school year around. I could never do it. I need a break as much as my kids do. And I love summer!

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Cheryl said...

We live about an hour and a half north of St Louis. We love going down for a visit. Our two favorite activities to do with kids are the zoo and the Botanical Gardens. At the zoo, park up the hill near SLAM (the art museum) and the kids can run/roll down a huge hill in a beautiful park. The only trouble is getting the little ones back up. The zoo is free and fabulous. The train does cost extra. The Botanical Gardens are amazing and very child friendly. There are fountains, koi fish to feed, mazes and pathways through trees. There is also a children's garden that is like a big playground.

Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

You must go to the Zoo. It is, by far, the best thing in town. Anything in Forest Park will be good too-Science Center, Art Museum, History Museum. The City Museum is amazing, too! Have fun!!