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Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes


I asked Margaret to go wash her face and the response I got was this: "Hey Mama. Wanna know an better way to wash your face? You put your thumb in your mouth and then you rub it on your face and scratch a little and then your face is clean!"

Um. Gross.


The coats at our house are better than the ones at your house.


Our.     adoption.     is.     moving.      so.      slowly.     right.     now.  I know I should be grateful because sometimes it goes so fast my head spins. We are now entering a slow period and I am nothing if not annoyed at how long things are taking. For example, we email the gal about updating our homestudy. It just needs a few changes, I am not even sure a visit is necessary. I email again, and again, and again. Finally she responds. A month has now passed and she refers us to someone else. This was on Monday and I am still waiting to hear from that someone else.

Margaret came up to me yesterday and asked when I was going to wear some pretty clothes.
"You don't like my clothes?" I asked her.
"Well, it would be more beautiful if you were to wear flowers. And pink. And rainbow."
She is always pink. And always rainbow.


In other Margaret news, she noticed a Lot Dog poster in our neighborhood.
"Oh, look at the poster. A lost dog. Isn't that so... irritating?"


It was 90 degrees here yesterday.


On an ending note, Isaac will receive First Holy Communion this SUnday. Please keep in in your prayers.

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Katherine T. Lauer said...

How exciting about Isaac! And how exciting that your adoption is resuming, if ever so slowly!