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Friday, April 20, 2012

7 Quick Takes


As you are reading this I am in Cincinnati with three of my friends and none of our 15 combined children. I can assure you that it is WONDERFUL.


Truthfully, I have been pretty nervous about this trip for a while now because I have never left Malcolm and although he is weaned (thanks to a weekend of food poisoning), I felt so sad every time I thought of him calling out for me during the four days I am gone. My In-Laws came up from Georgia to help out in my absence, and I really think that is the only way I was able to leave and keep my sanity. When they visit there is a whirlwind of activity and I think my kids probably won't even notice my absence. It may be noticed, but they'll be too tired to miss me.


I prepared a little schedule for my mother-in-law of the kids activities. It's a whole lot of soccer. Everyday. She's going to love watching the kids play.


Something that also made it easier for me to leave my darling little guy is that he has been going through a difficult spell of shrieking for no apparent reason. The kind of shrieking that makes your skin crawl. So for the past few days whenever he would engage in this unacceptable form of communication, I would do a little countdown to my departure time. Three days, twelve hours. Two days, fourteen hours, twenty-three minutes. You get the point.


Shrieking aside, Malcolm has been sooooo cute lately. He isn't walking, but he has completely mastered going up the steps. Coming down involved a lot of thumping and shrieking, but he now seems to have figured it out.

He waits at the top for someone to come for him.

He's actually pretty patient and good about waiting.


And let me just ask... when is his hair going to turn dark like the other boys? What, did I run out of dark genes for my most recent kids?


Two differences in how my kids think they will miss me while I am gone:

Boy 1: "I will miss you most when Mema and Pepa aren't here and at night when we usually snuggle and read.
Boy 2: "I don't really think I am going to miss you at all."

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