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Friday, April 13, 2012

7 Quick Takes


Our official Easter greeting:


Telling it like it is... Margaret and I were enjoying some Jelly Bellies.
Margaret: "Are these my Jelly Bellies from before Easter?"
Me: "No these are from Grammy and I am sharing them with you because I love you."
Margaret: "And I love them!"


We were at a Children's Museum this week on a field trip and Henry was playing in a section that had plastic food and a kitchen set-up. He comes over to me holding a plastic fish and a piece of plastic bacon.

"It's a good thing this food isn't real," he states while he places it on the table. "It would be really hard to chew through all this plastic."


We are now back to our five day a week soccer schedule with three of the kids playing. Know what? I love it. My kids are different with soccer in their life. Good different.


One of the coaches has already had to send a "reminder" email about parents not coaching from the side-lines. So sad. At one scrimmage I actually thought one of the parents was a coach. He kept circling the field correcting one of the players. It was only later I realized he wasn't a coach. All parents want their kids to be good, but this kind of takes away the fun.


The two reviews I posted this week were only two of the TWELVE that I have due. I have ten left. TEN.


Are you going to be at the Midwest Great Homeschool Convention next week in Cincinnati? I will be there with three of my friends. AND NO CHILDREN! If you are going to be there drop me a line and I will look for you amongst the thousands of other homeschooling mothers.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like the wannabe parent-coaches need to be given some of that plastic bacon Henry found and told to chew through it. Something to occupy their mouths during the game, you know?

Kelly M. said...

That is a totally sweet Lego Easter greeting. And am I to assume that Christ arose from the Egyptian looking tomb on the right? ;)