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Friday, April 6, 2012

7 Quick Takes

Easter is almost here and I thought I would give a little rundown about my thoughts during this Lenten Season. Head over to Conversion Diary to check out more Quick Takes.

It's open to debate for me as to what is more stressful: five young children on an airplane, or five young children at Mass. Both are a total germ-fest: airplanes have all that recycled air, and no matter where or who we sit by at Mass, we ALWAYS get right in front of the kid with the cough and the drippy nose. Last Sunday we had the added bonus of wet rapid sneezing.

Both Mass and airplanes require my children to act like grown adults for long periods of time. Heaven forbid if my four year old acts like a four year old! Both have limited mobility and movement for active little bodies. I can bring snacks and drinks onto an airplane. Mass has the benefit of God, but by the time communion rolls around most of my children probably think I have become possessed by the devil. But there is still the God factor.


Michael and I have been discussing our future a lot and whether we will still be here later on or if we should be open to other possibilities. When we moved here I really thought that this was our final move. So I really busted out of my comfort zone to establish connections and make friends and set up networks for my kids. Then the most amazing family moved in next door, our houses are literally ten feet from each other. Kids the same ages, same Christian values. (Not beer drinkers, but you can't have everything). And I knew I could never move again. It would be like a hole that would remain empty forever. But hole or no hole, you have to do what's best for you family.


Hubby Michael knows that when we get the itch about change, we scratch and scratch. Problem with things like this is that the grass is ALWAYS greener someplace else. In theory, that is. I am the happiest I have ever been. This is the best place we have ever lived. Right now it is perfect. So I am going to enjoy this perfect-ness until it is no longer bliss. And as Michael so fondly reminds me: He is happiest where the kids and I are. That is the perfect home.


Know what this is?

That is a pair of Margaret's shorts in size 4T next to a pair of Malcolm's shorts, size 18 months. What the hell is wrong with these clothing makers?!?! I am so annoyed by this that I am not going to go into any more details here.


Okay, maybe a little more detail. Why is my daughter, who is four, being sexualized by the clothing she wears? I am not trying to be a prude and dress my daughter like it is the middle ages. But why are the shorts and skirts and dresses available in her sizes so short? And cut so sexy? It would be one thing if they were short and cut cute like Sally Draper in Mad Men. But they are short like Daisy Duke short. Everyone tells me it'll only get worse as she gets older. Is this for real?


Not to scare you, but everyone should be aware of whose living around them. Check out the Family Watchdog website for convicted people in your area.


We are having our annual Easter Potluck Party, a tradition we started back in our Boston days. This is our fifth one in Western PA, but our ninth one total, I think. If you are local, please know you are welcome. Come at 3:30pm, Egg Hunt at 4:30pm. Please bring a dish and drinks to share. Everyone who can come is welcome!

Have a Blessed Easter!


Stacy said...

Oh man, those shorts make my blood boil! I feel like the only option for little girls these days is sexy/short or super unflattering/masculine. How frustrating!

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Re: airplanes, I will share you with a funny story: Once I was traveling 3,000 miles by plane with John, I believe, at 18 months old. And he kept touching the buttons on the arm rest. Some designer thought it was a good idea even to put the call button for the steward on the arm rest instead of on the ceiling. The male steward came over and was angry with me, telling me that my son had to stop touching buttons. I said I was doing the best I could, it was so hard, he was all over the place, and I was almost in tears. This man (and let me add for the sake of understanding his cluelessness, I believe he was NOT of the heterosexual persuasion) told me, "Just TELL your son not to touch the buttons!" I laughed and laughed. Yes, just tell the 18-month-old and all will be well.

In the end, I got a blanket and wrapped all the arm rests in my row like mummies. :D

Katherine T. Lauer said...

Re: clothing, you point out something very true about how short they make girl clothes. It's disgusting and vile. And that's why I feel forced to make Mary's clothing or dress her always in larger sizes. At two, she was in size three dresses. At three, she is in size four and mostly five dresses. I have to dress her one to two sizes bigger just to have the dresses cover her knees.