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Monday, March 19, 2012

Product Review: Action Alert

It's every parent's nightmare: your child is on the computer doing research or playing an online game. They click on something and boom! Pornography or other inappropriate material appears. Action Alert was designed so your computer could be completely safe for all ages to use!

Action Alert allows you the control and the knowledge of what is being viewed on your computer. You can receive alerts about content being viewed on your cell phone and/or personal computer. You even have the ability to shut down your computer remotely from your cell phone. In addition to these features, Action Alert offers logging of chat and emails, site blocking, 60 hours of activity recording, ability to control the amount of time used, content filtering, and keystroke logging.

Featured on the Today Show and winner of Disney's iParenting award, Action Alert offers two affordable options for your family: Free Protection and Maximum Protection. Some of the differences are that Maximum Protection offers additional Facebook safety and the ability to protect more than one child and computer in the home. It is completely customizable and is only $29.99 for installation.

We do not allow our kids time on the computer and so blocking inappropriate content is not an issue for me right now. I can tell that as the children get older and utilize the computer more for school things that this will be an area which I will need to address. Action Alert is an affordable and easy way to get the protection I need to make sure my computer remains "family friendly."

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Homeschool Review Group, I wrote this review in exchange for a free trial to Action Alert. I received no other compensation.

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